Staybridge Suites Miami Airport

Corner of NW 25th St and NW 37th Avenue , Miami,  Florida.

EGSC provided  design of construction plans for water,

sewer and drainage system that will serve the proposed

6-story Staybridge hotel building.

Larry and Penny Park Utility Infrastructure Study
(EDP) Project EDP-PR-593602-14-005  Miami, FL 33177

Park comprises of over 240 campsites for recreational vehicles (RV’s)

with individual electrical, potable water and public sanitary sewer

hook-ups, plus picnic shelters, recreational building, pool, bridle trails,

hiking paths and more than 270 acres of woodland. Study included

investigations, specific purpose survey, and engineering analysis for

utilities present at the site. Field work for data collection of existing

visible water, sewer and electric utiltiies (i.e.  sewer manholes,

clean-outs, water hook-ups, electric service boxes, etc.). Also Ground

Penetrating Radar (GPR) was used to trace the underground utilities.

Florida Power & Light Transmission Security Walls
Several Locations, Florida 

EGSC was contracted for designing, permitting, project

Management and Construction Phase Services of

Transmission Station Security Walls at several FPL Stations

throughout the State.
 FPL planned to install security walls enclosing the existing

FPL substations to meet physical security requirements

of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

The security walls will were installed 12 feet above grade and 6 inches thick, constructed using pre-cast concrete panels (approximately 14 feet high by 24 feet wide), columns and caps.    All grounding material will finished by Florida Power & Light. Security walls will be barb wired, wall grounding, 20 and 30 feet rolling gates in substantial compliance to the FPL Substation Standards.