Company Overview 

Below are the services EGSC Engineering Consultants provided to our clients:

  • Civil/Water/Wastewater/Storm Engineering

  • Construction

  • Environmental

  • Water

  • Resources Engineering

  • Permitting

  • Services

  • Management

The project planning and development at EGSC Engineering Consultants is by intention, conducive for cohesive participation by all employees.  EGSC employees work together collectively and each feel highly accountable for project results. The staff has provided complete engineering services for a wide variety of projects without damage of life and/or property to client or the public.

EGSC Engineering Consultants, Inc. holds technical, minority program certifications and is a registered vendor with several cities, county and state  agencies.  Some of those are as follows:

  • Miami Dade County  Community Business Enterprise Certification  (CBE)
  • Miami Dade County Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Miami Dade County Equitable Distribution Program (EDP)
  • Miami Dade County Small Business Entereprise (MICRO/SBE)
  • Miami Dade County Technical Certification
  • ​Miami Dade College
  • ​State of Florida Certification as a Minority, Woman and/or Florida Veteran (OSD)
  • ​Florida International University